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„As managing director of ETP and engineer with decades of experience in international plant engineering, I can assure you that you will solve your problems with the help of our products reliably and future-proof.“
Reinhold Großmann

ETP - Efficiency and Safety

ETP provides plants for loading chemical and petrochemical products on an industrial scale. These systems often work in hazardous areas that is why safety along with technical and economic efficiency is our top maxim.

We achieve these three central objectives with over 30 years of experience in the industry and intensive cooperation with the internationally renowned engineering consultancy R. Großmann in Bad Ditzenbach. With Reinhold Großmann as managing director of ETP, we have complete know-how in all aspects of loading and discharging of chemical and petrochemical products. For example our modular manufactured products.
We have established branch offices in many countries in order to work close to the customers as far as possible. A special business focus for ETP is the Russian market.


Business Areas

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Loading and discharging stations

Loading systems for liquid and gaseous fluids in rail cars and road tankers

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Loading modules for aircraft fuelling on civil and military airports

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Pump stations

Pump stations in modular container design

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Tank farms

Intermediate storage of liquid and gaseous products

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Transportation & Pipelines

Individual pipeline work in mechanical and plant engineering as well as pipelines for liquid and gaseous fluids

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Plant and system solutions for handling in refineries

Quality and Safety

Qualität und Sicherheit
The basic element of our work is uncompromising quality. We achieve this also through component reliability which ensures fail safety in operation. It reduces loss of production and saves costs.
In the development phase risk analysis is just as an important tool for us as complete documentation. This allows us to recognise and evade hazard potentials early in the development process. The resulting optimal process design and continual improvements guarantee high quality products.
We achieve the highest dimensional accuracy and functional safety through the most modern production technology and the use of innovative safety systems. We sustain these standards and reduce errors to a minimum through multiple checks, test operations before delivery and the use of trained and highly qualified personnel.

ISO 9001

ISO 9001
Of course ETP implements the high quality requirements of the ISO 9001 without compromise.

Made in Germany

ETP Gebäude

Our production branch office is located in the middle of Southern Germany. All products are manufactured in Germany and therefore stand for the highest quality and reliability.