ETP is the specialist for loading technology in the chemical and petrochemical industry.
Our customers can rely on us from the planning to the supply of the plant – after 30 years of experience in the business, nothing throws us easily of course. Along with safety and uncompromising quality our top maxim is technical and economic efficiency.

Planning and Development

In the chemical and petrochemical industry the requirement profile of one plant is seldom similar to another. Building such systems is custom work. The path from first defining the characteristics to producing construction plans is made in more and more differentiated steps. This means not only a lot of know-how but also much experience so that the path leads exactly to the goal – and not a near miss.

ETP, with its great experience in plant engineering, has the best qualifications for developing special solutions with innovative technology, even for ambitious demands. Our close cooperation with the R. Großmann engineering consultancy ensures solid planning, building and smooth commissioning of plants within the complete technological range of the petrochemical industry. All services are provided by a single source – You will be provided with a full turnkey product. In this way you back success and avoid unnecessary work. In the steady flow of progress we scrutinize our products for maximum demand and the best technology.

Production & Assembly

Producing a wide product spectrum for handling liquid and gaseous liquids ranks as one of the central tasks of our company. With the use of the most modern technology in production, large complex projects can be implemented in a short time. Without reducing product quality. The efficiency of functionality is in the foreground just like cost and safety aspects.

Complying with national and international standards in the production comes naturally to ETP. For this reason we check the quality of pre-, partial and end products during the production process through permanent controls. Only in this way can we achieve the best quality for custom work. We can gladly meet special wishes and requirements of different clients with highly flexible assembly structures. ETP relies on clearly designed and stable end products. This is why plants built by ETP have ergonomic, practical and easy handling. We attach great importance in our production processes to integrating the latest discoveries in the area of processing technology and material development. These aspects become influential in reorganising future contracts.


You can rely on us – during the realisation of your plant and of course afterwards. Our experienced engineers are continuously optimising our process control – for lower production costs. At the same time we not only build cost-effective plants for our customers through economical use of materials but also save valuable global raw materials. At ETP the production errors are close to nothing through parallel production in manageable batches and by continually controlling the production process.

All documentation is clear and goal-oriented to ensure easy replacement of spare parts. We keep the replacement of parts as small as possible with efficiently designed wearing parts. However, our qualified staff will help if it is necessary.